With the first ever sellout at D.J. Sokol Arena, the 20th ranked women’s basketball Bluejays dominated in four quarters to secure a 77-51 win over 22nd ranked Nebraska.

On Nov. 15, the Bluejays took down the rival Huskers to keep their season undefeat- ed at 3-0, executing a dominant performance with junior guard Molly Mogensen leading the charge with 22 points on the night.

From the whistle, Creighton looked extremely composed and confident, and Mogensen’s first midrange jumper of many throughout the night gave the Bluejay’s their first points of the game.

“When we move the ball and involve everybody, and make teams have to defend, I think we have a chance to be really special,” head coach Jim Flanery said.

On defense, the Bluejays’s played equally strong, their aggressive playstyle limited the number of open looks for the Huskers and led to a series of unforced turnovers.

By the end of the first quarter, Creighton led the Huskers 22-11, shooting a very efficient 47.4% from the field.

In the second quarter, Creighton’s defense continued to get stronger, as the Bluejays con- sistently limited Nebraska’s second-chance opportunities on their attack. On the other side of the court, the Bluejay offense, led by Mogensen, consistently put up points to wid- en the lead.

mid-range jumpers and three-point shots proving deadly for the Nebraska defense.

“They were switching everything [on defense] in the first half, so I knew that I could attack their bigs, and that float jumper was open a lot, so I took it,” Mogensen stated about her first half stats.

The third and fourth quarters demonstrated the same Creighton dominance on the floor, with offensive sequences in the paint allowing senior forward Carly Bachelor and junior forward Morgan Maly to finish at the rim.

With 2:35 remaining in the third quarter, the Bluejays extended their lead to 60-38 over the visiting Huskers.

At 7:18 in the fourth quarter, following another three-pointer by Maly, Nebraska called a time out, and Sokol erupted in cheers as the Bluejays went into the huddle with a 68-44 lead.

When the buzzer signaled the end of the game, the Creighton Bluejays defeated the Huskers 77-51.

Following the game, junior guard Lauren Jensen commented on Mogensen’s performance in the first half.

“It was super cool to see her go off like that... she was hot, she was making them, and it just shows how important she is to our team,” Jensen said.

When asked about the feeling in Sokol for their first home match, Maly talked about the atmosphere and the energy.

“The fans were great tonight,” Maly said. “Bluejay nation showed out and it was good to get this color on top tonight.”

Creighton continued to build momentum, their sharp passes and constant movement on and off the ball giving them a 13-5 lead over the Huskers halfway through the quarter.

At the half, Creighton led 45-28, shooting 50% from three and the field. Mogensen alone put up 19 points in the first half, her

The Bluejays hope to remain undefeated as they play an away game against Northern Iowa on Nov 20.


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