MMB Pink Out '19

Guard Mitch Ballock goes up for a shot at last year’s annual Pink Out game. From the bench, guard Jordan Scurry celebrates, anticipating that Ballock’s 3-pointer would go in.

Ben Orzolek

Sports Reporter

As the 2019-20 season of Creighton athletics begins and while fans usually focus on the stars of their favorite teams, it can be easy to forget someone who is always on the field or court, but not kicking a goal or shooting a three-pointer.

Catherine Grosdidier, a sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences, is a sports photographer with the Creighton athletics marketing team.

However, sports photography means capturing a memory in a single picture and being able to relive that memory when looking back.

Grosdidier’s passion for sports photography began in a high school photography class back home in Eudora, Kansas. The class explored many types of photography, but eventually fell in love with sports.

This love would continue into college as she started doing sports photography for The Creightonian her freshman year.

Then, while shooting a men’s basketball game, she and a friend were approached by a representative from Creighton’s athletic department who asked if they wanted to start doing photography for Creighton athletic marketing, and Grosdidier has been working with them ever since.

Grosdidier has some interesting perspective on what goes into the perfect shot or how to find that special angle. “Honestly, it’s just pure luck. You can be prepared for a dunk or a hit and still miss the shot,” she said.

She lamented how many times she had been focused in on a player anticipating a good shot, and a referee had walked right in front of her. Grosdidier explained how timing was very important in sports photography and that focusing was a big deal since you are always moving.

“A lot of times you can feel like you missed the shot you wanted, but when you look back at the pictures you see that you got a different shot that is still good.” Some highlights of her time shooting that come to mind include men’s basketball game in the 2018 NIT Tournament matchup against Memphis.

“Connor Cashaw was going up for a dunk and traveled before he went up, it was a very obvious travel. They’re not gonna like me saying that, but he went up and I got a nice vertical shot of the dunk.”

She added that she actually liked other shots of Cashaw’s dunk better and that she was her biggest critic, but that she was just happy to get the shot.

Other highlights include shooting Doug McDermott and Anthony Tolliver in a press conference before an alumni scrimmage with the men’s basketball team. A player looked right her, smiled at the camera and then tripped over a teammate right after the shot.

She fondly remembers a picture of the women’s basketball team on the bench during the 2018 senior day game.

“It was just a candid, goofy shot, but it described each one of their personalities in the shot. It was a hard game because they lost on senior day, but it’s all of them together and they’re just happy to be with each other, and I think that getting something in the moment like that is more important than the outcome of the game.”

Grosdidier sees photography as a powerful means of capturing moments and memories. Moments like these are difficult to replicate beyond the arena, the field, or the court.

“If you can capture a moment for someone or for a team, that’s gonna stick as a memory in a shot, and I feel really blessed to have been able to shoot a lot of different memories.”

As a disclaimer, Grosdidier has written and shot for The Creightonian in the past, and may do so again in the future. At the time of this article, she is not currently working for The Creightonian.


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