Greg McDermott

Men's basketball coach Greg McDermott walks the sidelines during the Pink Out game against Georgetown. McDermott offered an apology via Twitter Tuesday for a postgame comment he made following a Jays game last weekend.

In an email Thursday evening, athletic director Bruce Rasmussen informed the Creighton community that men’s basketball coach Greg McDermott is suspended from team activities.

This includes the men’s basketball senior day game on Saturday afternoon against Butler at CHI.

The communication read: “Coach McDermott and the team have accepted that, effective immediately, he is suspended from all team activities, including Saturday’s home season finale against Butler.”

The suspension follows McDermott’s racist analogy on Feb. 27 following the men’s basketball loss at Xavier.

Assistant coach Al Huss will lead the Bluejays Saturday afternoon.

McDermott apologized via Twitter on Tuesday for an analogy he used in the locker room following the team’s Saturday loss.

According to the tweet, he said: “Guys, we got to stick together. We need both feet in. I need everybody to stay on the plantation. I can’t have anybody leave the plantation.”

He shared his apology Tuesday, noting he’d had conversations with players, staff, parents and administrators following what he called an “egregious mistake.”

Soon after the tweet, Creighton Communications shared a statement, calling the speech “deplorable language that is inconsistent with the University’s values and commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment.”

Assistant coach Terrence Rencher, who’s been with the team for two seasons, recognized the positive relationship he’s had with McDermott, but he acknowledged his head coach’s words were “wrong and insensitive” in a statement he made.

Rencher is a member of Coaches For Action, an organization of Big East assistant coaches that focuses on awareness and education around social injustices.

“Right now my focus is on the players and supporting them in any way that they need my support,” he said. “As we have been reminded, ‘It’s more than a game.’ This is real life and real issues.”

Some players shared Rencher’s posting on their personal social media accounts but did not make public statements.

The team was together Wednesday night for its game at No. 10 Villanova.

McDermott said in a radio show Wednesday morning that he’d discussed the potential of not coaching the team.

“If they would’ve chosen to have me walk away, I would’ve walked away, but that is not what they wanted,” he said.

McDermott briefly addressed his comments following the loss in Philadelphia.

“The pain that I caused our players — who look to me as a mentor and as a leader — the pain that I saw in their eyes, was immense,” he said. “That’s where my disappointment is in myself. What I’ve done to some young people that I love very much, that’s a cross that I’m gonna have to bear for a while.”

Further disciplinary action has not been announced. The university statement said disciplinary action in personnel matters remains confidential.

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